Choptank Sweets

Consistent Quality Sustainable HarvestChoptank Sweets, like many oyster varieties, take their named from the body of water in which they are grown. The Choptank is a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is a region with a rich history and tradition of oystering. – Flavorful – Choptank Sweets are a robust, meaty oyster with a rich creamy texture. They have a sweet buttery flavor with a clean crisp finish. The moderate salinity of the Choptank ensures that the flavor is not overburdened with saltiness, thus allowing the more subtle, and complex natural flavors of the oyster to be detected. The perfect oyster for any recipe that requires only the highest quality oysters in appearance, texture, and taste. – Always Available – Choptank Sweets are available throughout the year, because they are an aquacultured oyster. Our oysters are not subject to the seasonal harvest restrictions of wild caught oysters.  Contrary to popular belief, oysters remain flavorful and can be enjoyed all year long.

– Clean and Healthy – All our oysters are grown away from the bottom in floats at the water’s surface so they are free from sand and grit. Kept just below the surface there is an abundance of algae for the oysters to eat so they are always plump and healthy. Several times during their development they are pulled from their floats and sent through a tumbler that cleans and shapes the oysters. This helps to knock off barnacles, mussels, and other fowling organisms and create that sought after deep cupped shape. Each batch of oysters is power washed before being hand culled for size and appearance. They are then boxed, and placed directly into refrigeration, all within yards of the harvest site, to ensure maximum freshness. – Safe – Our oysters come from non-polluted waters that are regularly monitored by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to ensure that they are always safe for consumption. In addition to MDE monitoring, we perform our own weekly water quality tests. We are a HACCP certified seafood shipper and  licensed with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to grow shellfish.

Other Products

Choptank Float– Spat – During the spring spawning season we have eyed larvae, or spat available for purchase. Please contact us early to get your order in! – Seed Oysters – Seed oysters of various sizes are available throughout the year for oyster restoration projects or gardening. Oyster gardeners may also be interested in purchasing our custom made oyster floats.